Thursday, 5 January 2012

Shirt-stripe boxes quilt progress

I'm almost done with assembling the shirt-stripe boxes quilt (despite wasting most of today at a shopping mall perusing the sales). I've assembled three of the four long panels. Hopefully, I'll get done tomorrow morning with the piecing. Then I can send the quilt off for quilting. I don't fancy quilting it myself, the seams are quite thick. 

Tomorrow is my mother's 60th birthday! We're having a big barbecue to celebrate. We are so thankful to the Lord that she is still with us. My mother was diagnosed with aggressive bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) in May 2010. We prayed and trusted the Lord for healing, and since February 2011 she is completely cancer free and healed! Praise the Lord! 


waggonswest said...

Once again, the quilt is beautiful. And so glad to know that your mother is doing well. After that experience, each day is precious.

Anonymous said...

LornaD in KZN
You are a busy bee - I admire your shirt quilt so much and it looks good. It is boiling hot here in KZN today - too hot to work.
Praise God for His healing hand with your Mom too. We serve a Mighty King.

Sandy said...

Hi A! Congratulions with your mom's birthday! God bless!!