Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Germany visit and cross-stitch quilt labels

I went to visit charming Göttingen, Germany, last week, for work (academic research). 
thoroughly enjoyed the visit, especially since it has been 9 years ago since I was last in Germany, having studied there for part of my MSc degree in Stuttgart. I enjoyed all the good things like sauerkraut, bratwurst and brezeln. And was also able to peruse a few wool and craft shops. The quilting fabric is very expensive, much more than even in South Africa so I just looked. I did however find some cross-stitch fabric that is woven in strips with pretty edging which I thought that I could use for making quilt labels, since none of my finished quilts have any labels. I started making one for my "Spring Boston Common" quilt. I will also add my name, place, date and a small decorative motive to the label.

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Karin said...

That village looks so pretty! On Sunday we went to the Bierfest in Newlands and also had a little taste of Germany.... Your idea for the quilt labels is brilliant!