Friday, 8 February 2013

Before and after

This is how my husband and I spent most of our summer December-January vacation (hence the lack of quilting lately...). There was no garden at our new little house, mainly just sad grass. Unfortunately the clay soil is rock hard in summer and required much digging to prepare the beds to plant roses and shrubs. Below are the before and after pictures (the acacia thorns are to prevent the neighbourhood cats from using the flowerbed as a toilet - not very pretty but effective).

Front yard - before
Front yard -after one month
Front yard - after five months

Here are some more of our gardening before and after shots. 
Backyard - before
Backyard - after one month
Backyard -after one month

I also finished the sitting room chintzy curtains. I think it came out quite well and matches well with the lounge chairs my parents blessed us with. Hopefully I'll get around to my quilting now :)


Barb said...

lovely gardens. especially since we're bracing for a blizzard.
Your curtains are impressive!

Nifty Quilts said...

It's so very fun to decorate your first house and garden. You're doing a lovely job. Love those curtains! Quilts can wait.

Sharon said...

Beautiful gardening! I am getting so anxious for winter to finish so I can get out and dig. Thanks or the pretty summery pictures