Saturday, 1 June 2013

Playing around

Sweety-Bird likes to get interfere while I'm planning blocks. Here he is caught in the act of stealing one of my HSTs. A few minutes later he flapped sending all the blocks flying around, so he got sent back to the cage for a time-out.

I've been trying out making a LeMoyne Star block using HSTs cut from charm squares. It works well, might a make a quilt like this from the leftovers of my French nine-patch quilt, which is currently under-way. I still have about 60 nine-patches to make.

Since winter has arrived in the Cape, it has put me in the mood for knitting. I bought this 100% wool yarn 6 years ago when I was studying in Canada, and have not had the courage to make something with it yet. I want to make a cardigan with Nordic type patterning. I'm still looking for a suitable pattern, and blending the colours is quite tricky. I must not give up though (as per usual)... I think that I need to spend some time on pinterest for inspiration.


Oops-Lah said...

Your knitting looks promising!I'm sure you'll get it just right. Love your "play blocks"; have fun with them.

Nifty Quilts said...

I didn't know you had a bird assistant! I love your LeMoyne Star. Looks like an easy way to make them.