Monday, 7 April 2014

I love roses

Camille Pissaro (DELstricol) - slight apple scent
I have quite recently discovered (since buying our first house 18 months ago) that I love gardening and growing roses. We have a very small garden, but I've managed to squeeze in 33 rose bushes. We are fortunate in the Western Cape, South Africa, to be able to grow any type of rose, but European-bred roses tend to grow excessively vigorously (huge!) in our warm Mediterranean climate.

Pink Cloud climber in full bloom
Currently, my favourite roses are the romantic French roses bred by Delbard, France, which are all available from Ludwig's Roses South Africa. These include: Camille Pissaro (a.k.a. Rainbow Nation); Soeur Emmanuelle (a.k.a. Towering Rose Magic); French Panarosa; Souvenir de Louis Amade (a.k.a. Threads and Crafts); Comtesse de Segur (a.k.a. Comtesse Panarosa); Belle du Seigner (a.k.a. The Midlands Rose); Happy Birthday and Candice. They are extremely vigorous, have excellent disease resistance and most of them are highly perfumed not to mention stunning!
Soeur Emmanuelle (DELamo) - Anise-rose scent
Camille Pisarro (DELstricol) - Fully open
French Panarosa (DELcien) - Grapefruity scent
Souvenir de Louis Amade (DELalac)- Anise scent
Souvenir de Louis Amade (DELalac) - fully open
Comtess de Segur (DELtendre) - Slight apple scent
Happy Birthday (DELstiberg) - No scent
Candice (DELudice) - Moderate honey scent
I also have many old garden favourite hybrid teas: Avon; Bewitched; Blue Moon; Buxom Beauty (a.k.a. Parole or Garden Queen); Cleopatra (a.k.a. Peace of Vereeniging); Fragrant Cloud (a.k.a Duftwolke); Harmonie; Marijke Koopman; Miss All American Beauty (a.k.a. Maria Callas); Mister Lincoln; Paul Shirville (a.k.a Heart Throb); Pink Favorite, and shrub roses: Regensburg (a.k.a. Buffalo Bill); Fairy King; My Granny (a.k.a. Bossa Nova); and Granny's Delight; and spectacular climber: Pink Cloud.
Avon - Strong damask rose scent
Bewitched - Moderate damask rose scent
Blue Moon - Intense turkish delight scent
Buxom Beauty (Parole) - Moderate rose scent
Harmonie - Strong tea rose scent
Cleopatra - No scent
Pink Favorite - Slight tea rose scent
Fragrant Cloud - Intense fruity scent
Paul Shirville - Strong rose scent
Marjike Koopman - Slight tea rose scent
Miss All American Beauty - Tea rose scent
Mister Lincoln - Strong damask rose scent
Regensburg - slight scent
My Granny - no scent
Granny's Delight - no scent
Pink Cloud - Slight rose scent
I also have a few modern roses (released after 2010) which were bred to look old fashioned but which flower continuously and have excellent disease-resistance: Annique; Tuis; Perfumery; and Sympa de Bellvue. 
Annique (KORquanni) - no scent
Tuis (KORmeizau) - no scent
Perfumery (LUDsheitan) -  Strong lemon scent
I've got four English roses bred by David Austen: Abraham Darby; Getrude Jekyll, LD Braithwaite and The Prince. Thus far, they have shown very good disease resistance and most have amazing fragrances. Abraham Darby is incredibly profuse, a real star in my garden. 
Abraham Darby - Intense fruity scent
Getrude Jekyll - Strong rose scent
LD Braithwaite - no scent
The Prince - Intense damask rose scent


em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful roses.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! These are all SO beautiful. Will they inspire a quilt?

antique quilter said...

beautiful roses, wow.

jess jennings said...

breath taking! thanks so much for sharing these beauties.

I also stay in SA, in a hot area close to the Karoo...also love and grow roses, but have now decided to focus on those that can take our high temps.

Which ones don't scorch easily, will you kindly share that info with me?

In my own garden, these are the strongest and hardly ever scorch:

Just Joey, Purple Glow, Easy Does It, Clocolan, Julia's Rose, and my top of the list special rose: Rosemary Ladlau.

Ailsa (Cape Pincushion) said...

Hello Jess,

I don't have your e-mail address so I couldn't respond directly to your comment. The roses that scorch the least are generally the roses with the thickest and stiffest petals, and which have no fragrance. Fragrant roses have the softest petals due to the scent cells. Some good examples of firm roses would be Belle Rouge, Red Intuition, Annique, Sabine Bosman, and Desmond Tutu. If you read through the Ludwig's rose catalogue look for descriptions that specifically state, heat resistant, firm petals or long-lasting on the bush. These are the varieties that are less likely to get scorched. The worst scorchers are the English roses, they can't handle heat at all.

jess jennings said...

thank you for your reply.

I have started a thread in the Houzz forum in my search for roses that are heat tolerant and fragrant...tall order I know but it's worth the try... :-)

hope you would join me there if or when you have the time?