Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Star Quilt top finished!

My Summer Star Quilt top is finally finished! I plan to hand-quilt it, once I get the hand-quilting of the huge Pinwheel Quilt done... might be a while still :) 
Now I can start thinking of a new project... Perhaps I should finish piecing the Chintz Quilt, I was getting bored with following instructions and sewing snowball patches, I think that should try and modify it somewhat to make it more original and creative.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mom's Delft Snowball quilt top finished

My mom just finished piecing her "Delft Snowball" quilt, inspired by Kaffe Fassett's Wedding Snowball quilt pattern found in his wonderful book "Museum Quilts". Here are some more shots of the lovely quilt.

Summer Star Quilt border

I've resumed my quilting, now that all the wedding excitement and trip to Italy is over. I've added a plain strip of Kaffe's Gold Roman Glass fabric around the quilt and started with the randomly pieced border. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions which helped me to improve the border. Its looking much better!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Inspirational Italy Trip - Part 2 - Mosaics and Landscapes

This is the second part of my inspirational photos that I took on my recent trip to Rome. I love mosaics, and these ancient Roman mosaics are so beautifully designed with lovely glowing colours. 

I loved the soft colours of the ancient Roman ruins and cityscapes in the strong summer sunlight.

Inspirational Italy Trip - Part 1 - Frescoes & Ceilings

I just arrived back from a two-week trip to Italy where I attended a soil science conference in Southern Italy and did some sightseeing in Rome. Italy is incredibly beautiful and inspiring, I thought that I would share some of the beautiful things that I saw. The Vatican contains the most breathtaking artwork I have ever seen. The colour choices and combinations are so rich and tasteful.Glowing ochres, scarlet, ultramarine blues, emerald greens, delicate pinks and gold leaf.