Thursday, 28 April 2016

Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album

Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 1: Roman glass
Over the past few weekends I've been working on making an album of all my Kaffe Fassett Fabrics. I'm hoping it will help me to compare the colours and scales of prints for projects (and also its so beautiful and inspirational to page through it!) without having to dig through my stash on the shelf. 

Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 2-3: Roman Glass, Mosaic, August Rose, Paperweight

I used a scrapbooking album that I had lying about. I cut 3" squares from each fabric that I have using pinking shears. I stick the fabrics to the white mounting paper using a small piece of double-sided tape, so that I can easily remove the fabric to take it out and put it back again. I put the fabrics in chronological order, based on the catalogue number in the Kaffe Fassett Collective. I've shared my whole collection below. Which prints are your favourites? 

Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 4-5: Paperweight, Diagonal Stripe, Lotus Leaf
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 6-7: Zinnia, Kimono, Planets, Beach Balls, Cabbage and Rose, Romany
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 8-9: Cloisonne, Flower Basket, Bead Stripe, Shirt Stripes, Organic Dot
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 10-11: Organic Dot, Dahlia Blooms, Floating Flower, Paper Fans
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 12-13: Paper Fans, Guinea Flower
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 14-15: Guinea Flower, Paisley Jungle, Pinking Flower, Minton, Targets, Bekah
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 16-17: Bekah, Spots
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 18-19: Spots, Aboriginal Dots
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 20-21: Aboriginal Dots, Persimmon, Asha, Lichen, Silhouette Rose
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 22-23: Silhouette Rose, Anemone, Daisy, Stencil Carnation, Dancing Leaves, Heraldic, Winding Floral, Clouds
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 24-25: Clouds, Flower Dot, Star Flowers, Asian Circles, Chevron Stripe
Kaffe Fassett Fabric Album, Page 26-27: Big Blooms, Millefiore, Lake Blossoms

Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 28-29: Lake Blossoms, Russian Rose, Henna, Bubble Flowers, Kirman, Wood Ear
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 30-31: Wood Ear, Persian Vase, Buttons, Forest of Arden, Mirage Stripe, Suzani
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 32-33: Sprays, Plink, Cogs, Rosette, Pencils, Palm Fans
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 34-35: Palm Fans, Line Dance, Ombre, Tile Flowers, Chard, Oriental Trees
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 36-37: Oriental Trees, Frilly, Peking, Belle Epoch, Jupiter
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 38-39: Flame Stripe, Surrey, Ribbon Stripe, Antwerp Flowers, Lotus Stripe, Cascades, Thousand Flowers
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 40-41: Regency Daisy, Ferns, Dream, Strata
Kaffe Fassett Album, Page 42: Button Flowers, Striped Heraldic
I love the more muted, rich and pastel shades in his most recent collection. The new "Strata" print is stunning; imagine a "shirt stripe boxes" quilt with that!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tyntesfield Manor visit

Tyntesfield Manor, Wraxall near Bristol
So we've just about settled into our new house (NOT pictured above! LOL), and I've not had much time to do a lot of quilting. So I thought that I would share some pictures of my recent trip to England. 

I got to visit this incredible Victorian mansion, called Tyntesfield Manor, near Bristol. I've known about Tyntesfield for at least 7 years, having read about it on the internet. It really captured my imagination, as it was reputed to be the most well-preserved Victorian Gothic Mansion in England, recently purchased by the National Trust after the owner, Lord Wraxall, passed away. Well, dreams do come true, on my work trip to England last year, I got to visit Tyntesfield, and I was not disappointed! 

Front view of the manor house from garden
The house has its own ornate chapel and fantastic kitchen gardens, including a beautiful orangery, massive walled-vegetable garden and formal rose garden.
Walled-vegetable garden

The orangery at Tyntesfield
Lion statue at entrance of the rose garden
Rose archway
Pergola with climbing rose and beautiful Victorian tiles
Rose Garden at Tyntesfield
Beautiful, fragrant English roses
We were fortunate enough to go on a special tour of the house, to the sections that are not usually open to the public, which included the kitchen, children's rooms and staff quarters on the upper third and attic floors. It was very interesting. Unfortunately most of the curtains are drawn in the house to help prevent sunlight damage to the furnishings, so some of my photos are not great. 

Front entrance of the house
Front view of house, showing dining room windows (ground floor), bedrooms on upper floor and chapel to the right.

View of chapel from front of house
Gothic entrance hall
Library (just off the entrance hall)
Library filled with Victorian books
Grand dining room
Dining room table
Gothic windows and ornate ceilings in dining room
Detail of dining room wallpaper
Morning room
Beautiful oak paneling and furniture in the morning room
Grand central staircase

Grand central staircase skylight
 Fireplace in central staircase hall
Formal drawing room
Formal drawing room
Vaulted ceiling in drawing room
Ante room before drawing room
Organ room
Close-up of wallpaper in organ room
Garden room
Garden room
Billiards room
Recessed fireplace in Billiards room
Electric billiards scoreboard
Ceiling in billiards room
Butlers pantry
Housekeepers pantry
Bell system for calling servants to different rooms in the house
Servants' staircase
Third floor rooms wallpaper
Head housekeepers room on 3rd floor
Detail of wallpaper in housekeepers room
Laundry drying room (borders on boilers)
Boot cleaning room on third floor
Children's day nursery on third floor
Day nursery rocking horse
Night nursery on the third floor
Close-up of quilted bed covers
Stuart bedroom on second floor
Charlton bedroom on second floor

Charlton bedroom four poster bed
Charlton room on-suite bathroom
Avon bedroom on second floor
Bedroom full of furniture waiting to be restored and returned to original rooms.
Stuffed bird display in furniture storage bedroom
Inside Tyntesfield chapel (connected to the house by a walkway on the second floor)
Chapel pulpit
Stained glass windows in the chapel
View of the chapel from the rear of the house