Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Little sewing gremlin

Sweety-Bird loves the sewing machine, because its noisy, like him. His left wing is clipped so generally we can control his whereabouts, except now he has learned how to climb up the desk using the sewing machine cord and will do it endlessly until I give up and play with him...

Bad birdy, can't leave mamma's sewing alone, no wonder I've made such slow progress lately...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

French nine-patch quilt progress

I finished making 120 5"x5" nine-patch blocks, and started playing with the French General charm pack squares for the layout for my French nine-patch quilt. I purchased 5 Moda French General charm packs in total: 2 x La Belle Fleur; 1 x Le Petite Odile; 1 x Ch√Ęteau Rouge; 1 x Esprit de Noel. I only used the darker background squares. The nine-patches were made from half-yard pieces from the La Belle Fleur and Chateau Rouge ranges.
I am about half-way with assembling the quilt-top now :)
I also managed to start knitting a cardigan. I chose a simple Kaffe Fassett motive from his Pattern Library book. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Playing around

Sweety-Bird likes to get interfere while I'm planning blocks. Here he is caught in the act of stealing one of my HSTs. A few minutes later he flapped sending all the blocks flying around, so he got sent back to the cage for a time-out.

I've been trying out making a LeMoyne Star block using HSTs cut from charm squares. It works well, might a make a quilt like this from the leftovers of my French nine-patch quilt, which is currently under-way. I still have about 60 nine-patches to make.

Since winter has arrived in the Cape, it has put me in the mood for knitting. I bought this 100% wool yarn 6 years ago when I was studying in Canada, and have not had the courage to make something with it yet. I want to make a cardigan with Nordic type patterning. I'm still looking for a suitable pattern, and blending the colours is quite tricky. I must not give up though (as per usual)... I think that I need to spend some time on pinterest for inspiration.