Sunday, 19 April 2015

Two-by-two Rose Tea-party quilt progress

I've been doing some quilting this weekend, haven't done any for a while. This summer has been quite hot, so I have not been much in the mood for sewing, especially since the sewing room gets full sun in the afternoon. I've been working on my two-by-two Rose Tea-Party quilt using left-overs and scraps from several previous projects. 
I've finished laying out the blocks, now I will begin assembling the quilt. The two-by-two square blocks are each made from four 2.5" squares (2 in a warm colour print, 2 in a cool colour print). I've placed the blocks on point, with the cool colour blocks pointing in one direction and the warm colour blocks in the opposite direction. It creates a rhythm, that is fun for the eye to skip over.

When I came to my sewing machine to begin piecing, I found this:
"Someone" had pulled out all of the pins on my pincushion and thrown them on my sewing desk and on the floor. I thought to myself, why would my husband do that? I scanned the room and then this caught my eye:
Ah, so it was little sewing "helper". Sweety-Bird must have been very, very busy during the week. I must remember to unplug the sewing machine cord when I'm finished sewing, otherwise he uses it as a rope to climb up onto the sewing desk. With such a cute little budgie face, who could be angry?
Sweety-Bird has got a buddy now, an olive budgie, called Luc. He used to be my mom's budgie. He is also relatively tame, a few years older than Sweety, but definitely not as adventurous/naughty. He sings sweet trilling budgie songs all day and he is quite gentle. Sweety-Bird speaks English quite well, I will make a video of his ramblings and post it sometime soon.
Sweety-Bird and Luc